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You Receive a Message Whitelist Initialization Exception Occurred

Modified on: 2019-11-08 12:04:48 +0000


MediaSeal is tested against many industry standard applications.  After ensuring MediaSeal Decryptor is compatible with an application, we add the application to our list of approved applications which is referenced by MediaSeal Decryptor Client.
MediaSeal Decryptor periodically checks for the latest version of the list.

If there is a problem reading the local copy of the list and / or MediaSeal Decryptor cannot download the latest version of the list then the error can occur.


When Decryptor starts or when opening a MediaSeal protected file, you receive the following error.

Whitelist Initialization Exception Occurred.

Application cannot continue and will be stopped.  Try rerunning it, but if this does not resolve the issue then please report the problem to technical support at 



If possible, enable your computer to connect to, alternatively reinstall MediaSeal Decryptor Client


Contact and a MediaSeal Support team member will be able to assist you.

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