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Modified on: 2021-04-19 14:45:59 +0100

Release Notes

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 4.0.2 Build 196

  •  Bug fix for Decryptor time zone auditing timestamp

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 4.0.1 Build 192

  •  Bug fix for Encryptor when encrypting files greater than 32gb in size

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 4.0.0 Build 182

  • Enabled compatibility with macOS 11.0 (10.16) Big Sur

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.10.2 Build 176 (Hotfix)

  • Bug Fix for uploading Decryptor audit save out records

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.10.1 Build 173

  • Compatibility with the following Operating Systems has been removed in the default installation of MediaSeal Decryptor: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Rebranding of applications
  • Introduced manual import of approved applications into the Decryptor for offline environments
  • Decryptor shows proper tray message when failed to authorize file from inactive job or title
  • Added reminder for attaching log file to "send to support" emails
  • Added more info to the Test Dialog: services statuses, OS version, detection mode and log file location
  • Application will now show error on macOS if missing a LiveFolder
  • Shows proper message when an attempt is made to open a secure file in daemon mode
  • Decryptor application blocks Encryptor from writing to a LiveFolder

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.6 Build 164 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed size issue for application compatibility database on macOS
  • Fixed Secure Player crash on Windows
  • Updated application signing certificates

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.5 Build 144 (Hotfix)

  • Bug fix for opening Secure Viewer files on macOS

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.4 Build 143

  • Updated Encryptor command line endpoint functionality

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.3 Build 138 (Hotfix)

  • Bug fix for proxy server settings

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.2 Build 134 (Hotfix)

  • Bug fix for Encryptor job summary page view

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.9.1 Build 128

  • Enabled support for macOS Catalina
  • Introduced new MediaSeal Secure Viewer for secure viewing of PDF files
  • Implemented advanced job options including authorisation cache control
  • Encryptor UI functional improvements
  • Fixed decryption issues with offline policy based Live-Folders
  • Added reporting of inactive users before job creation

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.7 Build 122

  • Notarised additional components for macOS

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.5 Build 121

  • Improvements for Encryptor user authentication
  • Decryptor compatibility fix for older MacOS versions

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.4 Build 118

  • Notarised kernel extensions for macOS

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.3 Build 116

  • Added QR Code security feature option to MediaSeal Encryptor

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.3 Build 111

  • Fixes for generated file names when creating MediaSeal Secure files

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.2 Build 109

  • Added QR code security feature to MediaSeal Secure Player
  • Encryptor UI improvements including search functionality, reporting and auditing
  • Added Secure Player file generation to Encryptor command line and template
  • MacOS kernel driver improvements
  • Improvements for managing Encryptor credentials
  • Updated Encryptor icon

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.1 Build 97

  • Fix for OSX driver compatibility with NAS storage
  • Fix for SecurePlayer focus in active window
  • New MediaSeal file extension (.msf) for SecurePlayer
  • Updated SecurePlayer key mappings and icons
  • Updated driver for improved compatibility with ProTools features.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.8.0 Build 90

  • New MediaSeal Secure Player
  • Decryptor and Encryptor security improvements
  • Password removal for iLok machine licence
  • Fix Decryptor and Encryptor compatibility with network storage
  • Fix for Decryptor with multiple iLoks
  • Updated PACE iLok components to the latest version
  • Fixed Encryptor SMTP

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.7.3 Build 79/87

  • Fixed Mac OS X Decryptor 32bit kernel compatibility issue with Mac OS X 10.7
  • Fix for registration of unregistered MediaSeal Decryptor Licences.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.7.1 Build 77


  • Encryptor performance improvements.
  • Encryptor CSV export sanitization (security improvement).
  • Additional security enhancements(including Personal Data) for both Encryptor and Decryptor.
  • Audit fixes.
  • Updated EULA to include GDPR compliant privacy policy.
  • Fix for a rare crash when accessing old MediaSeal files.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.7.0




  • MediaSeal Encryptor now offers the ability to create a password only MediaSeal file, which means no iLok or server authentication is needed during authentication.




  • Improved reporting on the cause of an authentication failure for a MediaSeal file.
  • Decryptor Tray is now compatible with Digital Performer 9.
  • MediaSeal icons displayed over encrypted assets on both Mac Finder and Windows Explorer.




  • Encryption techniques enhancements.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.8 Build 48 (Hotfix)




  • User ID’s are now shown in the Viewers tab when creating a job.




  • Decryptor Tray is now compatible with Pro Tools 12.8.1.
  • Authentication Failure information for Online assets is now provided in MediaSeal popups.
  • "Connection has been lost" popup has been removed.
  • Corrupted databases no longer disallow the running of the Decryptor Tray.




  • Installation of Decryptor Tray now comes with a base level application compatibility database for Offline users.
  • Decryptor Tray will now quit when signing out of the operating system user profile.


Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.8 Build 36 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed macOS High Sierra compatibility.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6 Build 30 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed macOS 32bit compatibility issue with 10.7.

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6 Build 25 (Hotfix)




  • Windows 10 driver signing to support Secure Boot machines
  • Removed duplicate audit logs when programs open files




  • Fixed compatibility with older Mac Pro (Gen1,1)

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6 Build 8 (Hotfix)




  • Improvements made in supporting offline files with a large recipient list

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6 Build 6 (Hotfix)




  •  Fix for field not being available during registration 


Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6 Build 3 (Hotfix)




  • Improvements in supporting large offline encrypted assets




  • Improved Audit functionality for AVID’s Pro Tools and Media Composer

Release Notes for MediaSeal Release 3.5.6




  • Template generation without Encryption
  • Live Shortcuts for Windows and Mac
  • New encryption metadata enables files to be opened in Fast Detect Mode




  • MacOS Sierra compatibility
  • Saving wrong account meta data with multiple iLoks fixed
  • Fast Detect Mode. Provides enhanced recognition of Media Seal encrypted files. Files must be encrypted using v3.5.6 Encryptor. Speeds up access to non MediaSeal files on Avid ISIS and StorNext. 



  • User interface, stability and performance improvements


Advisory Notes on MediaSeal Release


Encryptor upgrade path on Windows (3.7.0 onward):


To upgrade the Encryptor client from any previous version, please first uninstall the previous version of Encryptor. This can be done using Windows “Add or Remove Programs”.


Detection mode changing on macOS:


Changing detection mode on macOS requires system reboot for it to take effect.


Displaying MediaSeal badges for encrypted files on macOS:


Finder displays MediaSeal badges for encrypted assets only for files under the user home directory.


PACE exception during Encryptor installation on macOS( onwards):


Occasionally, when installing Encryptor application on macOS while DecryptorTray is running, User might experience a notification dialog as below:

This does not mean there are any installation issues and is caused by system services being restarted.  After Encryptor installation process, User will be prompted for system restart, after which all applications will run correctly.


Encryptor folder naming:


A change to the naming system can mean folder encryptions will have just “enc_” as the output folder. An Encryptor Admin User would need to add "[filefoldername]" within the filename pattern to preserve the same output naming conventions as previous versions of MediaSeal.


No file authorization dialog for MediaSeal files:


With the introduction of Fast Detect Mode, older MediaSeal files created with versions less than 3.5.6 will only be detected when the system is set to Compatibility Mode.  Fast Detect Mode is the default option for installations and upgrades. 

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