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How to fresh install MediaSeal on a macOS?

Modified on: 2023-09-20 17:40:00 +0100


How to fresh install MediaSeal on macOS?


To install MediaSeal Decryptor Client Toolset for macOS, please ensure that you have closed any open applications and saved all your files. MediaSeal Decryptor Client Toolset will require you to restart the machine once the installation is completed. 

First uninstall any previous versions of MediaSeal.

  1. Open or extract the contents of the file
  2. Locate and launch the
  3. Reboot your Mac (Important)
  4. Locate and launch MediaSealDecryptor.dmg and follow the on-screen instructions to install MediaSeal Decryptor

Next check that 'Fortium Technologies Ltd' software has been allowed to run from Privacy & Security

To confirm your installation went successfully, please check the Test menu.  All the required services should appear as Running.

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