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What is Decryptor Client Software?

Modified on: 2019-05-21 15:23:24 +0100


    What is MediaSeal Decryptor Client Software?


MediaSeal Decryptor is a client application that is used to decrypt content that has been protected using MediaSeal Technologies.

The MediaSeal Decryptor client enables the intended recipient to open MediaSeal protected files using an approved editing program or media player. To open a MediaSeal encrypted file you need to install MediaSeal Decryptor software.

Access to MediaSeal protected content is determined by the person protecting the content and may include a combination of a password, iLok and Server Authentication.

The content may also enforce additional restrictions including time restrictions and view access only via MediaSeal Secure Viewer or MediaSeal Secure Player which are included as additional components when installing MediaSeal Decryptor Client. 

Authorising access to protected content is undertaken by the MediaSeal Decryptor Client when you try to access a MediaSeal protected file. Depending upon the protection level of the file, the MediaSeal Decryptor Client may simply ask you to enter a password to access the file, however it may also automatically verify your access with a remote server and that you have the correct iLok License configured.

*MediaSeal Decryptor client integrates seamlessly by allowing you to utilise your preferred applications to view and edit content whilst the content remains protected.

*Not Applicable for content restricted to MediaSeal Secure Player or MediaSeal Secure Viewer

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