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How do check if MediaSeal is working?

Modified on: 2020-08-24 14:05:25 +0100

When you sign up to MediaSeal, we send you a MediaSeal protected test file to verify your installation and setup is successful.

The best way to verify if MediaSeal is working is to download the test file and open with an approved MediaSeal application.  If you are able to view the contents of the encrypted file then you can be sure MediaSeal is working correctly.

Before attempting to open the test file yYou can also undertake some quick tests using the Test feature integrated into the Decryptor client.

To Test your Decryptor client, click on the Decryptor icon and press the "Test" menu item. 

A window should appear that performs a Connectivity test and indicates whether you have a MediaSeal iLok license installed. 

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