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How do I invite new users to my server?

Modified on: 2022-08-10 13:01:29 +0100


How do I invite new users to my server?


Navigate to your MediaSeal web portal or use the MediaSeal App to login to your portal, then locate and click on Decryptor Users.

Click on Invite Users

Fill in your recipient's information, then click on ADD USER

Click on Invite User/s to send the invitation/s

If the recipient is registered already with MediaSeal, the recipient is sent an email requesting them to join your server.  If the recipient does not receive the email, you may either need to resend the invitation to them via your Decryptor Users, Pending tab or alternatively they can login into Invites then accept the invitation.

If the recipient is not registered with MediaSeal, the recipient is sent an invitation email to register MediaSeal which contains a registration link and code.  Once completed the registration process, the user is required to accept your invitation to join your server by going into and clicking on Invites.

After accepting the invitation, the recipient should appear as Active under your Decryptor Users section.

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