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MediaSeal Configuration for Avid ISIS / NEXUS Storage

Modified on: 2019-05-21 17:01:38 +0100


You may experience slow read / write access to Avid ISIS / Nexus Storage Solutions when accessing MediaSeal protected content.


Avid Storage Systems use a read-ahead technology to minimise access times at later editing stages and this may impact performance when loading content.


MediaSeal has a built-in "Fast-Detect Mode" setting that can be used to optimise MediaSeal protected content that is stored on Avid ISIS/Nexus.

Click on the Decryptor Tray and select "Close open assets", Select Yes,

Click on the Decryptor Tray again and select "Configuration", select "Detection Mode, select "Fast-Detect Mode", Click Set Mode

Note: "Fast-Detect Mode" is not compatible with older generations of MediaSeal protected files.  You may need to check with the owner of the encrypted content that they are using the latest version of MediaSeal Encryptor.  

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