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An Application Reports The File Is Not Valid After Successfully Authenticating a MediaSeal Protected File

Modified on: 2019-10-16 11:36:16 +0100


When attempting to open a file you are asked for a MediaSeal Authentication Password, which you enter correctly.  The authentication is successful, however the application that you open the file with reports that the file is not a valid file, corrupt or unsupported.

Possible Cause

The application that you are using does not support the type of file you are trying to open


The application that you are using does not have the required codecs to read the file.


The file has been already authenticated and the application is not an approved MediaSeal Application


Install the required codecs or use an alternative MediaSeal Supported application to open the file.

Alternatively, if you need an application added to our approved list please submit a new request and include the application name, application vendor, the version and process executable name.

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