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How to switch the default Windows 11 terminal app to command prompt?

Modified on: 2023-10-27 10:42:27 +0100


When MediaSeal Decryptor is launched on Windows 11, the terminal window will persist even after the application has started.  When quitting the terminal window, MediaSeal Decryptor also quits as it is depending on that terminal window.

How to remedy the issue?

On Windows 11 the default terminal application is 'Terminal App' whilst on previous versions of Windows the default is 'Command Prompt'.  The terminal App is tabbed and does not appear to exit on MediaSeal Decryptor startup.  To remedy the issue, we simply need to switch the default terminal application to 'Command Prompt'.

  1. Open the 'Terminal App' on your computer
  2. Click on the small downward carrot icon, then click on Settings

  3. On the Startup Tab, locate the Default terminal application option

  4. Select the 'Windows Console Host' option

  5. Click Save to save the changes
  6. Launch your MediaSeal Decryptor application, the command line window terminal should appear and disappear quickly and your MediaSeal Decryptor icon should appear on the taskbar, near your system clock

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